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We run both basic and advanced level courses with one and three months duration in Integrated Electronics Domain.

The courses are designed in such a way through which all students will be able to know about truly applicable circuits,modules,system and instruments.We have covered in our curriculam almost all major application areas of Electronics, Communication and Instrumentation Engineering.

Our Training fees are considerably low which is only Rs.2500/- for one month course.

Our Training Kits
These will cover Wi Fi, Android, GSM, normal RF, PWM Supported Advanced Communication domain.General purpose dedicated controller to advanced microcontroller based automation systems to PIC supported Industry standard controllers with APPS.Robotic, Photonic,Sensor based Actuators.In Instrumentation from single end Data Aquisation System to Multiinput Data overlay with full UART-USB Interfacing Console. Total computerised Host Smart Instrumentation bay etc.

Duration of Training Courses

Integrated Electronics Engineering

1 Month

Advanced Integrated Electronics Engineering

3 Months


We are pleased to bring it to your kind knowledge that we have developed an extensive package of Instruments,Systems and Products of most modern nature through which we do organise our various training programme. These programmes are all thoroughly tested and we have received excellent feedback from students.


  • Arc cum vibration based RF Apparatus
  • GSM based switching kit
  • Cloud computing supported Home/Industrial Automation Platform
  • PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) based PWM Lineariser
  • Advanced RF Controlled Visualization Unit
  • Wi Fi Remote Multichannel Actuator
  • Tesla Flash Apparatus
  • DUAL Directional Mover
  • Micro Quad Automata based Controller(programmed)
  • Mini Controller with Robotic Interface
  • Digital Sequential Multimode Power Unit
  • Wireless Vending Machine
  • Full PC Interfacable Oscilloscope
  • Mini Data Acquisition System
  • Professional Analog/Digital Window type dac
  • DAC Add-on with finest PWM Digi. Pwm Pac
  • Meditational Electronics etc.
  • Polarity Reversal Module
  • Multi Smart Sensor Bay
  • Full Unique LASER Comm. Base Station

  • Memorised Projection System
  • Axial Flight Control Mechaniser
  • IR Hexa Controller
  • Digital Remote Number Monitoring System
  • RGB 24 Channel Colour Mixer Kit
  • Conveyor, Milling, Blowing,Readout Drive
  • Mini innovative Training PLC System
  • Solid State Refrigerator
  • Motion Power Sensor cum Drive
  • Mini Biactive Radio Station
  • Programmed Electrical Platform
  • Bionic Bay
  • Avionic Bay
  • Mechatronic Bay
  • Monostable Driver Unit for Instrumentation
  • Rh Driver and Measurement Block
  • Professional Universal Power Supply System
  • Timer Technique Connectivity Unit
  • Compressor Bay
  • Friendly Project Making Platform

  • This Training Programme will help a lot to Practically Know about Electronics,Instrumentation & Communication Technology.It has got mainly Two Fold Advantages-
    1) To face Professional Challenges
    2) To shape one as a Confident Self-Employer.

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