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The Service of Spectrum Consultants is Unique in nature. We have developed a series of extremely Low Cost Kits for making Different Projects.

Each Packet for Kit will contain the following:

  • All Components to make Projects as per Category.

  • All necessary Sensor and Module and Actuator you will find in The Pack.

  • A page of Circuit Diagram along with application details will be there.

  • We shall provide Time to Time on line assistance for free.

  • We have at present 5 Types of Kits-

  • 1. Automation AT89S52 Based Kit With 2 Apps.

  • 2. Micro Automation AT89C2051 Based Kit.

  • 3. LASER supported Communication Kit.

  • 4. Data Acquisition Kit.

  • 5. Digital ½ Channel Transmitter- Receiver Kit( Remote Control Application)

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