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We are one of the leaders in Innovative Electronic Project Design and Development.

We have a few very important discoveries,the which have been turned into Projects and earned recognision

Apart from this,we have in our credit many Projects which were assembled and successfully completed by studentswith our beginning to end assistance.

Many of these Projects are Interdisciplinary in nature as per todays Industrial requirement and not much cost is invoved.

Please have a look at some of our finished Projects and contact us for making good Projects with our assistance.Along with Project making session we shall help you to perfectly know about basic Electronic technology with the art of its practical uses.

The Project making cost with Tutorial will be in the range in between Rs.2000/- and Rs. 15,000/-

Our Innovative Project Domain

  • Tele Robo Surgery
  • Automated Airport
  • Touch Transmission
  • Quickstuff- a textile electronic product
  • War and Peace
  • Meditational Electronics etc.


  • Motion Sensor based Lighting System
  • ATM Surveillance System
  • 5 Channel Instrumentation System
  • PWM Inverter MOS supported
  • Wi Fi Robo Car
  • Gravity Wheel Robo Machines etc.
  • List of Projects

    In fact, we normally design and develop a wide variety of projects depending upon technology and features involved. Some of our Projects are totally our own discovery and Provide excellence both in terms of Research and Multiplication.These are :

    Besides, please find as under a brief list of our Projects.

  • Automatic Motion Sensor and Actuator
  • Four Dimensional Mechatronic Controller
  • Mini Programmed Logic Controller(PLC) with Apps
  • Android Cloud Automation Console
  • RFID robo Tagger
  • LASER interactive Project
  • Solid State Picnic/ BioMedical Cooler
  • Mini Automation Platform
  • Universal Instrumentation Platform
  • Digital Voice Processing System
  • PIC supported Industrial Controller
  • Digital Communication System
  • Analog RF Studio ( Mini Radio Station)
  • Multi Sensor Bay
  • Android Cloud supporting Command Base
  • Sensor Supported Smart Data Acquisition System
  • Advanced Robotics Systems
  • PWM supported Inverter
  • 3 in 1 Measuring Instrument
  • Wi Fi Communication Platform
  • Liquid Level Controller
  • Light Activated Switch
  • PC Supported Apps based Instrumentation Bay
  • Single Channel DAC ( Industrial Instrumentation)
  • Smart Multimode DAC with ADD ON Cards
  • Touch Transmission Project
  • Mechatronics Remote Console etc.
  • Different Types Apps based on Robotics, Photonics,Multiaxial etc. ,we have in our stock.
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