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Spectrum Consultants provides total support to make various Electronic,Electrical and Instrumentation related Projects.both for students and professionals.

The Services includes:
Selection of Projects from our current List.Our Projects are mostly innovative in nature and having wide Application areas.

  • All Components and Modules to be supplied by us.
  • We shall provide total Training for both Theory and Practise.
  • Total Components Identification including Hi-end and latest Devices.
  • Our Staff will be associated all the way till the full functional running of Project.
  • Standardization,Testing and Quality Control will be done.
  • A complete Report needs to be prepared and for that we shall render assistance.
  • Presentation Technique to be demonostrated before the Students.
  • A PPT Pack must be Ready for each Project making session.
  • Upgradation and Links are free.

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